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We are a web agency, based in the city centre of London, specializing in the development of the Internet and of innovative products and applications.


We are passionate about Internet and that changes everything! We love our job and we love sharing our passion with you.


We enjoy developing simple and lightweight applications to provide a better user experience and to guarantee a sustainable development.


Because it is vital we always use the latest technology to make the web a bit simple and a lot more user friendly.

Our skills

Geek at heart (but not too much!), our varied skills allow us to design and develop the proper functioning of all your projects.

Design & ergonomy

Ergonomy is our priority. We strive to make your project a simple, accessible and user-friendly for all your visitors, to allow customers and future customers to discover a unique user experience.

We explore and exploit all the possibilities offered today to find the best solutions that will make your applications more attractive.

We only use recognized frameworks to design intuitive user interfaces (Bootstrap, Angular, jQuery).

Web & mobile development

We develop custom php and python, and we rely on existing tools (Navision, WooCommerce, Wordpress...) according to your needs.

We attach the greatest importance to design a simple and optimized code to give it the greatest possible durability.

Because your projects evolve, we use a client-server architecture offering the greatest flexibility for future developments.

Hosting and Managed services

We can host your applications to ensure proper continuous operation.

We provide outsourcing for your infrastructure into a private cloud and secure high availability and high performance in which every component is redundant and monitored (network connections, servers, power, storage).

Daily backups ensure your data.

Editor and creator of content

We are the creator of original content.

We publish several sites around themes that inspire us: animals welfare, pastry and bakery, clothing, politics, LGBT issues, travel and much more.

We are also publisher of e-books. We can create your own content and distribution on Kindle, Kobo or even iBookStore.

They trust us.
We are proud of their confidence.

Patricia Creative Cakes

Dream team

Our small team consists of web enthusiasts with a long experience in creating innovative solutions.

Chris Bider
Stéphane Perrin
Sergio Fernandez